Tuesday 31 March 2009

more sickness

I couldnt eat my meal last night and didnt want to even get out of my sleeping bag. I was just curled up with stomach pain.  Mark said if I didnt even try and start I would regret it, which is true.  The antibiotics didnt seem to have worked but I did sleep better.  I started the stage and an immediate river crossing after 200M, then about 20 more including one stretch of 500m.  Big stones under fast flowing water, and it was freezing cold. Legs like lead boots with the water.  After CP1 I went downhill.  I got to just before the half way stage, just before a very big climb.  I took my oack off in a patch of shade and realised I was too weak to attempt the climb.  My energy has just been sapped.  A group of about 15 came past and i explained  was going back to Cp1 to retire from the race.  They wished me well and left  I turned around started to walk back to cp1.  I stopped after 100M and thought  that I mjust try and make it to CP2 to retire.  I walked slowly up the hill, feeling awful. I got to a point where itwould have been hard to extract me so I knew i had to get myself out of trouble.  I ran out of water, and had to beg 3 different competitors for more.  A German girl gave me some lucazade powder to mix up, and it revived me enough to complete the climb.  Then there was a long climbing ridge walk, followed by a 200M high dune descent.  I got to CP2( a mile more than advertised) feeling a little better and the doc checked me out and said I was ok to continue.  CP2 to CP3 I felt better, but deteriorated just before CP3.  I got there and rested for about 20 mins eating two energy bars, the only food I had eaten.  I knew I would not make the last 6 miles to the finish otherwise.  I set off with more stomach pain and inevitably 2 more bouts diorreah.  I was forced to rest under a tree for 10 mins a couple of miles from the end. The finish was muchfurther than it was supposed to be, total above 44k.  I was in a pretty sorry state when I crossed the line and went straight to medical.  Doc gave me the same meds as last night, but also 4 doses (1 gram) of a more powerful antibiotic.  Lets see if it makes any difference.  I dug as deep as I ever have to finish today.  I dont have any reserves left if the sickness continues.  All the enforced walking has left me with some painful blisters.  The outside of my right heel has a nasty blood blister, which may be infected.  The doc is looking at that in a minute.  Sorry no good news todas.  Starting tomorrow once more hangs in the balance.  My back has chaffed and sunburned to add to my problems. Not much is going right is it.  If Im still sick tomorrow I am out.  It took me well over 9 hours.  That is a long time in the desert.  Lets see what tomorrow brings. Lots of email today, thankyou to everyone.  Off to the docs now.

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  1. I know you have the strength of mind to do this. I'm just hoping your body keeps up! Sent you a lovely message from Alex, he really is proud of you - as we both are.