Sunday 29 March 2009

The eve before the race

Just arrived at the startline camp at 3000M.  Spectacular scenary; snow capped volcanos all around, never seen anything like it.Just walking around I really notice the lack of oxygen, and thus everything seems more difficult.  My headache has gone (for now).  Everyone is saying start slow because of the altitude.  It would be easy to push too hard and ruin things from the start.  It is already quite cold and it is only 5:30pm.  Glad I bought a down jacket, as well as my helly hansen and windproof jacket.  I am wearing them all now.  This is in contrast to the hot daytime desert temps.  My foot seems ok, but Ive not started yet of course.  I should know how it will be by the end of tomorrow.  First stage has been shorted to 35km, but the last stage has been lengthened to even it out.  Tomorrow includes a 500M actually wading through a river, canyon sides all around I believe.  So, wet feet from the start, how cruel!  I am looking forward to getting started now.  Lets see how I feel after stage 1!  Thanks for the email already Ali and Wendy.  Remember you can send me a message by going to  then choosing multimedia from the top, and email a competitor from the drop down menu. number 82 Richard Weremiuk. 

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