Friday 27 March 2009

Arrival in Chile

After a 30 hour journey, 3 flights and a taxi. I arrived in san pedro de Atacama. 10 hours later me and my friend mark met a guide at 8am. He drove us 1 hour up to just over 5000m altitude to Toco volcano. The air was so thin just putting on our packs was hard work. From sea level to 5000m in 24 hours is not what you are supposed to do! We trekked upwards for 1.5 hours
Frequently stopping feeling light headed. My pulse over 130 only walking at snail pace. It was very cold too. We stopped at 5350m, 250m from the top, still more than an hour to climb. We both had mild headache, the first sign of altitude sickness so we took lots of photo's and decided to descend. It took us barely 15mins to descend! I'm less worried about the race altitude which is only up to 3500m but i know it will be tough. I still have headache 5 hours and lots of painkillers later. Admin day tomorrow. Race starts sunday.

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