Monday 30 March 2009


Im pretty sick.  Last night there was a meal at camp but I have no idea if this was to blame, one of the docs thinks so.  Quite a few people had diorreah in the night. No one coulld sleep as it was too cold either.  In the morning I thought I was ok.  The stage started with the hardest 1 mile of any event I have ever done.  Climbing up to about 3350M,  with some all fours scrambling.  The altitude really hit me, but I also lacked energy.  I got to CP1 in just over 2 hours.  A soon as I left the CP I had got less than half a mile when I suddenly felt very sick and promptly was.  Straight after I had the diorreah too.  I felt so bad I didnt even think Id get to cp2.  I was walking the whole way and the doc at CP2 said there was an epidemic of it.  Some had it last night and were fine by the morning.  It has hit me late and quite hard.  They gave me some meds at CP2 and I rested for 15 mins until I felt a little better.  I left for CP3 feelinga little better, even doing a little running, but on a long 3 mile climb I had diorreah again.  I took more immodium and dioyalyte and got up to CP3.  The doc there had been told to look out for me. I cant fault the organisation for their support to both well and sick people like me.  I walked from CP3 to the finish with 2 guys from my tent.  It took my a very slow 7 hours 40 mins, near the back of the field, but the fact I got to the finish surprised me.  I really thought I had had it.  I have eaten and rehydrarted but I still dont feel well.  The doctoe has just given me a collection of pills; an antibiotic, antacid, anti nausea and something else I cant remember.  I took them all anyway.  If I dont improve overnight I cant even start stage 2.  I ran out of water between every CP as I needed so much to get back what I was loosing.  I cant do that againtomorrow.   There is normally no staff between CPs, so I am on my own for the whole time between CPs, not a place to get sick and need help.  I need to sleep well and get rid of this bug.  Its very windy now, I hope it is warmer in the night.  To be taken down by this sickness is really demoralising, not a way to start the week whatever happens.  The weather is hot but I can take it,my legs felt OK after the stafe, it is just the tummy.  I hope I feel better tomorrow but It isnt looking very good.  My knee has caused me problems too, but it was the least of my worries.  Thanks for the emails Wendy. Needless to say I found the message in my pack!


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