Wednesday 1 April 2009


The doctors have pulled me out of the race on medical grounds.  I woke up ths morning feeling quite well, ate breakfast fine and was really positive that the worse was over.  The first 6 miles to CP1 were tough crusty terrain but I covered it quite quickly.  Just before CP1 I got stomach cramps and diorreah.  The doc at CP1 gave me immodium, and in all honesty I still felt good.  The second leg was easy terrain, but 3k out of CP2 I started to get sharp pain on my right leg.   Nothing on the other leg.  Just a very unnatural pain, not muscle soreness.  It was very worrying.  At CP2 the doctor took a look at the blood blister on my right heel.  Infection was spreading out, and possibly into my lympth nodes causing the pain in my calf, behind the knee and thigh..  The doc said simply "you're through I'm afraid".  He said they had a competitor in the past who started like this and got very sick indeed, so they wanted to treat it early.  They sent a car with the main Doctor  and he said that if after the 2 courses of anti biotics I had been given was not working, so there was a more systemic problem; I think he said Cellulitis infection?.  Anyway he needed to put a line in my with some powerful antibiotic , so I was taken back by car to the camp and the doctor fitted an IV drip into me and added the antibio.  After a couple of hours I felt a little better and came in here to write this update.  However half way through typing I felt bad again, and so I had to go back to medical for an IV in the other arm.  Its a couple of hours later now, and I feel alright again.  Hopefully the antibios will stop the spread of infection which has crept up my ankle.  Im due to have another IV and anti bios tomorrow.  Sorry everyone.  I was feeling more positive this morning and hoped the worst was over, but it wasn't to be.  I've had a pretty horrible run of luck on the run up to this event, as many of you will know.  I'm not sure what happens now, If I help with the volonteers or go back to the hotel in San Pedro.  I'm understandably gutted, but I understand why they had to do it.  I'd much rather run another time, than end up with a severe infection and lose half of a leg!  I'll try and update tomorrow with a status.  Sorry again to you all and thanks for all the support emails. Rich

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  1. Sorry to hear about all your problems Richard, but as you say the important thing is to live to run another day.

    Take care of yourself and rest.