Friday 3 April 2009

Unwell again

Yesterday just after writing the update they interviewed me, the video is on the site. I felt so well. This morning i did too though of course the would not let me run the 75km stage. The plan was to travel with the organisation back to the hotel for 1 hour then to the new camp. I walked 200m from the hotel and fell really unwell again. I thought i'd pass out before i got back. I lay on the floor in reception until i got to use a bed and room. I had a fever which lasted 6 hours and i had a few other odd symptoms. Almost ended up getting local medical treatment. Took more anti bios and painkillers and now i'm considerably better but still very dazed and not right. Infection seems to be battling back and i'm much more knocked back than i realise. Sleeping tonight at hotel. Maybe back to camp tomorrow. No way i could run again this week. I'll update tomorrow.


  1. I am in admiration of your achievements to date. Its amaizing that you could continue as far as you did under such difficult cicumstances. Knee, foot injuries, diarrhoea sickness bug etc and to cap it all! infection from a blister causing more serious problems. I know it's disapointing but be proud of yourself Richard as I am, you have done well! The rest of us usually only dream of attempting far less extreme ambitions let alone training and putting them into practice! It takes incredible will power, months long and hard training to get where you are and knowing you as I do! will only gain from this and go on to meet another challenge, probably the same one! You are great, you nutter!

  2. Can you also congratulate all those other nutter's oh!er Competitor's out there for a truely outstanding achievement.