Saturday 4 April 2009

On the mend

I got 11 hours sleep in the hotel last night, after getting to use one of the organisers hotel rooms yesterday after feeling sick again  I woke up and Ive felt quite good all day.  I havent tried doing much, I really lay down or sat down all day.  I got a little sunburned sitting in some not very good bamboo roof shade.  I certainly dont feel like I want to walk very far, and that is probably for the best.  I have come back to camp to congratulate the people in my tent and others I have got to know.  I will sleep in camp tonight and then go with the organisers to the finish line in San Pedro early tomorrow to await the competitors between 10am and 1pm.  It is just a 8.5k stage tomorrow, a fun run really.  It will be good to see everyone finish, yet a little sad that I am not one of them.  Next year for me I guess.  I won't get any more email now, so if you want to send a message just reply on this blog with a comment.  I fly home Sunday morning and get back Monday night.  Thanks for the support and mesages everyone this week.  Rich


  1. Ah, I am sad too that you are not one of the finishers- it is really not for want of trying in the face of adversity! Hope you continue on the mend. Maybe if knee holds out, I'll come with you next year ;) Looking forward to seeing you on Monday. Have a safe journey home.w x

  2. Rich, really sorry to hear about your illness, you have had a really rough time of it. Illness is just one of those things you can't always prepare for and is very much the luck of the draw. Sounds as though those doctors were right to pull you out when they did, the main thing is you are on the mend and haven't done any lasting damage hopefully.
    I'm sure you will go back next year and blast it!