Sunday 27 November 2011

Stage 6 and the finish

Stage six began with an unexpected and quite mystical trip across the lake by the camp in 4 man canoes. The mist was heavy on the water so it looked very cool. The stage was just 13k with little over 100m elevation but crossed rice fields and bogs so not a pushover ! I decided I was going to do it as fast as my sore legs would allow. I set off quickly in the morning mist though it was very humid and the sun broke through. I was cursing as we went through bogs and town side gutter streams (sewers) as I had an open wound on my toes(infection risk). I ran well at a pace I felt I could maintain and finished in 25th for the stage, and 35th overall. 215 starters roughly so top 15%. I'm very pleased to get a huge hard won medal. I ignored the finish line food and cleaned my open wounds straight away with alcohol. I'm changing dressing and dousing in iodine every few hours until I get home where I can get it looked at. Thanks for the support. Full report when I get home!

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