Wednesday 23 November 2011

Stage 4 - had better days

Ill spare you the detail until I get home to save worrying you anymore than reading this will.  I finished in 6 hours in 59th place but that doesnt tell the story of how close I came to not finishing.  Ive ended the stage and Im in one piece but had an awful time with severe dehydration and ive smashed up one toe and got a large blood blister that I cant burst and will struggle to run on.  If it bursts I could get cellultits again, so I have to pad it and be careful. With 1000s of up and down steps its impossible.  Dont know why my other blog updates didnt work, shame but it all went ok until today.
Tonight we sleep in tea houses (local indioor accommodation).  Tomorrow its 45 miles and 2900M of elevation.  All day and into the night and maybe beyond.  By the time you read this Ill be already started so dont worry about emailing now.  I know youre all wishing me well and I hope I can get through tomorrow. Its a huge challenge when youre in the condition I am in now.  Ill do my best.  Thanks for all the messages, both email and on the ipod from Wendy and Alex.

**********IMPORTANT NOTICE**********
Please do NOT reply to this email.  Please visit the event website at to send a message to any competitor, volunteer or staff.

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