Sunday 20 November 2011

Stage 1

Today was very tough first stage.  The weather has been hot and its very humid.  It started well with an undulating 5k, followed by 9 miles of elevation up switch-backs and steep uneven stone steps and narrow paths.  We got lost half way through due to some bad course marking.  A lot of people got lost.  We realised our mistake and backtracked addinhg a lot more elevation on.  We would have been better staying wrong I think, as those that did had an easier route.  Then about half way into the stage I had some pretty horrible gastro issues (ill spare you the details) , and had to sit down for 10 minutes after to try and eat and rehydrate.  Quite a lot of people are suffering from it, some have already pulled out.  By the time I got 3 miles from the finish I felt a lot better, and managed to come down a very steep and slippery stone steps section fairly quickly.  The last few k were on the road, so I chase down a few people and finished strong.  Not sure how many people started; maybe 230 -240.  I placed 47th in 5 hours 11, or thereabouts.  Tomorrow is longer and a lot tougher, and day 3 is ALL uphill from start to finish, no let-up.  All the ascent each day is going to be very punishing.  I hope I can stay healthy and not get more gastro issues.  All this aside, the scenary is breathtaking.  Google for Fishtail mountain, and thats what weve been running in the company of all day.  Spectacular mountain covered peaks from the Annapurna range are all around.  Its worth coming for thisd scenary along.  Thanks for the messages everyone.  Back to tent to eat and rest now.

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