Wednesday 16 November 2011

Landed in Nepal

Haven't had time to post again. Been crazy busy getting ready. Got to Kathmandu an hour ago. Big culture shock, crazy busy streets much like India. 6 hour bus trip to Pokhara tomorrow. Race starts on Sunday.  Hopefully links below work to send me a message. If not just go to
And follow he Nepal links to email a competitor

We've been told to expect weather from -5 and below up to 30c, chance of rain and even snow as well as hot temperatures. Just depends what the mountain weather has in store that day. The highest camp is 3200M. Race stages are 4 x marathons then a 47 miler day, then a short last day 10 or 15k fun run basically. 

My pack without water is about 7.3 kilos. 3000kcal per day. I should have plenty of food this time!  I had physio and even accupuncture on my groin injury this week. Hope it holds up. Might post again before race starts. 

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