Tuesday 26 May 2009

New Website: Beyond Marathon


OK, the logo has been applied, so I can release my website that I have been talking about for weeks!

It is for budding and veteran ultra athletes everywhere. I’ve looked around at various websites and though I’ve found ‘lists’ I’ve found nothing comprehensive (online) for single and multi stage events across the Globe.

So, I’ve created a site with the Worlds top ultra’s. There are currently just over 50 featured, and detailed. It’s a free resource for everyone to research events and find something right for them. Now, I’m not a web designer, this is my first time, so I welcome feedback – no matter how critical! I’ve tried to keep the navigation very clean and simple.

I’ve a hard time keeping my credit card in my pocket when learning about all of these races across the World, so just make sure yours is out of reach! You’ve been warned!

Incidentally, I’m not making anything out of the website, from anyone. No kickbacks, no nothing. It’s all for your benefit, and the benefit of the “established event” organisers. I say “established” because I’ve only listed events that have a history of being run, or an organisation behind them who have a history of proven events. This is simply to ensure that I’m not unwittingly freely advertising events that never materialise, and let the site content down. I’m looking for event reports for any of those listed (you’ll see what I mean). Ideally not more than a couple of pages long. More a ‘review’ than a blow by blow daily race report, if you understand me. Though I have included the odd long race report. I’d like feedback on what works there; short or long.

I want the site to be a global resource, and not just one for the UK. I have tried to give good representation to all continents at launch (though admittedly the UK as a country is extra well represented at the moment). I will undoubtedly add more events, as appropriate, and I have some other toys and plans for the site to come soon.

All of the feedback from Race Directors worldwide has been really positive (I have had to chase for their blessing of course), and I hope that many races will attract new competitors as a direct result of people discovering their races.

Have a look and let me know what you think.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Rich
    I've only just scanned through the website quickly but it looks absolutely fab...and very professional!....I'll have a deeper dig over the weekend in between my runs that is!
    Well done and Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into this. It'll definately help us newbies to choose the right races!
    will be joining the forum of course!