Tuesday 5 May 2009

2 weeks post knee operation

It is two weeks today since my arthroscopy. You can see below, I just have a couple of small purple marks where the cuts were made.

I have had a hospital physiotherapy appointment today to check my progress. I am walking around ok, but walking around the shops does tend to hurt my knee after a while, so I take regular breaks. I have lost muscle tone on my left quad, but this is as much due to not using the leg in the last few months, than a direct result of the decreased activity since the surgery. I have been given some new exercise to do, to rebuild strength and try and regain full flexion in my knee, which I don't still have. I am about 10 degrees short of that achieved by my right leg.

I get pain in my leg, underneath the left wound (from the knife). It is also a little lumpy. I assume this is scar tissue, and hopefully this will go away in time, or after some soft tissue work in a few weeks.

I've been told I can cycle but no resistance work yet. The exercises I have been given are pretty basic. Just a single step-up and down, single leg squats and a quad stretch (which hurts). I have to go back in two weeks for physio, and hopefully four weeks for the post-op assessment with the surgeon to get the green light to run again.

I have now found that I have a huge amount of spare time in the evenings, and have finally got round to doing something I have had planned for a while. I'm working on a new website, the domain for which I purchased in the middle of last year. It's not a blog this time, but rather an information source for ultra runners, both new and veterans, and worldwide. It's getting towards the point where I can make it live, though I still have some content to add and I have to chase some permissions to use photo's and articles from various sources. I'll also be looking to include reviews from ultra events all over the world. The reviews are not the primary focus of the site at all, so I'm only likely to include 3 reviews for each event directly on the site, though I will likely include links to those reviews I don't feature. I'm very keen to get reviews from newcomers, as well as veterans - from front-ruining racing snakes, mid-packers and those at the rear of the field. We can all learn from people no matter where they finish in a race. The people who take 60 hours to do an event are very much as noteworthy endurance athletes as those who take 25 hours in my opinion. So, if you have a story to tell from an ultra. Single or multi stage - road, desert, snow, any terrain you like, then let me hear about it and maybe I'll feature it on the new site.

I'll post the link as soon as I can, so keep checking back.

Have a good week.


  1. Hi Rich, glad your knee is recovering nicely, I bet it won't take long to regain your fitness once you get the green light to start running again.
    The new site sounds interesting and can't wait to see it- I'm sure I could supply some write ups from a back of the pack/ plodder view!

  2. Hi Steph.

    That would be great. Any of the main Ultra's you've clocked up in the UK, and abroad, you've wrote about. If you want to either send me them in a text file, or give me a link so I can paste from them. I'll post any URLs at the bottom of the reviews anyway.