Monday 6 October 2008

Email me during the event! Oct 10th-17th 2008

Just had news that I should be able to receive messages in the evening, delivered to me on paper. So, if you wish to send me any messages of support send them to:

I am Bib No. 119 Richard Weremiuk, so mention that in your email, perhaps the Subject.

This email address is live already, but there is not a lot of point emailing before the 9th October. The 10th is the admin day, so messages sent on the 9th or early on the 10th should get to me in the evening before the race.

October 11th - Stage 1
October 12th - Stage 2
Ocotber 13th - Stage 3
October 14th/15th - Stage 4 (the long 47 mile stage)
October 16th Stage 5
October 17th Stage 6

I should also be able to update this website by emailing my blogs' email address, so hopefully you'll be able to read about my progress during the week.

Remeber to check for the actual results on the KAEM website.

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