Tuesday 14 October 2008

day 3 - 33k

A shorter day than yesterdays 39k, but more checkpoints meant lots of climbing, loose rock and sand.  We were saved by something we've not had so far; wind.  I didn't even feel like starting the stage after getting 2 nights with practically no sleep.  It's gone midnight before it is cool and then I just can't get to sleep.  I started and was feeling like quitting on the way to checkpoint 1, but pushed through and started to feel better.  I handled the climbing well and descended from the main climb into checkpoint 3 fast.  I ran almost all of the last 12k, but made a critical error in navigation adding 3km in distance when I went the wrong way(uphill!) , and so lost half an hour or more of time.  Still I finished feeling strong.  Feet still in prime condition, but tomorrow is the 47 mile(75km) stage through the day into the night, hopefully finishing in less thsn 20 hours.  It will be a long tough day, but day 4 is what these events are all about. 5 people have retired so far.  I was more concerned about finished than a place, and that is what I must remember.  I'll need to go slow through the heat of the day and hopefully pick up speed after 7pm when the sun sets.  Oh, I've seen Giraffe, Baboons and all sorts as I run. Thanks for the messages. Rich


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