Thursday 16 October 2008

day 4 - 75km

A bit of epic.  I got 1 and a half hours sleep the night before; something I was dreading.  Forcing yourself to try and sleep just makes it worse.  However, I tried to start the day positive, but by checkpoint 1 after 11km, through a lot of soft sand, I was having trouble concentrating, so tired in mind but not in body.  CP1 was at a farm and there was a mattress which I asked to use.  I tried to sleep but 45 mins later with no sucess I left on my own for Checkpoint (CP) 2.  10km more soft sand uphill to CP2.  I struggled to focus and follow the roadbook and route.  I almost wandered off course in the searing heat of the day.  no support vehicles between the start and cp2 (23km) because of innaccessability, meant if I had a problem I was in deep trouble.  I then cold not even figure out how to unfold the roadbook, or try and do some basic arithmatic to work out speed or time.  I was in trouble.  I then ran out of water 2km before the checkpoint, and angry and lack of support wanted to throw in the towel at cp2.  I got to CP2 and told them without sleep it wold be dangerous for me to continue as I was seeing things, literally.  I got more water and the doctor made me lie down and take a calming pill.  I stayed there for 2 hours without any sucess to sleep, and only left when the last person had caught up and they closed the CP.  I continued on walknig initially in the heat of the day, getting to CP3 after about an hour.  I started to feel better and ran some of CP3-4 as the day cooled.  At cp4 it got dark and I ran most of the leg to cp5.  After cp5, the magic happened, full moon, cool wind in the night I struck off on the last 20 miles running, averaging about 8-9kph, which is very fast with a bakcpack.  I just chewed down energy bars and water, just fuelling myself to run fast.  I flew past cp6 7 and 8 without stopping except for water.  Cp8 to the end was more soft sand then hard road for 4km.  I ran as much as I could but was tiring.  I staggered into the finish about 15 hours I think, could have been a lot worse!  I went straight to sleep for 5 hours and I feel fine now. I have 1 blister, not to serious.  They will have good camera footage of my from yesterday as I went from bad to good, to shattered.  Look on their website for links to youtube videos.  Today is the rest day, we all need it.  Tomorrow its another big one; 39k with more soft sand and moutain passes.  It's not over yet, but I'm feeling positive as long as I can sleep well tonight.  Thanks for the messages every, they all help!



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