Tuesday 22 June 2010


I've ran a few times since the last post but not a great deal has changed.  I was ok running short distances of about 3 miles, and kept up my daily strectching routine.  All this seems to keep the pain down, though I was still aware of it.  However, I let the stretching slip last week as I had to work in Krakow in Poland.  I was working long days, so by the time I got back I really just had time to eat and then go to bed.  Only on Thursday did I get back to my hotel for 5pm and then decided to go out for run along the river and around the old town walls.  It was my first visit to Krakow and I thought it was a very pretty city.  I'd go back as a tourist I think. I ran about 7 miles.  The following morniang I had the familliar stomach pain which then lasted for a few days. 

I got back home on Friday evening and went over to Doncaster on Saturday morning, to one of my Uncle's chiropractic clinic.  He gave me some treatment, which was some very painful massage on my illiopsoas and also on a few areas around my hip joint.  He also cracked my back and fixed my neck which I have been suffering with for a couple of weeks since falling when running.  I haven't run since then, but plan to run a few times this week, 3-5 miles each time.  At the weekend I plan to do a run with my Saunders Mountain Marathon partner Mike.  We are going to run some kind of anytime challenge in the peak district, from a bunch of grid references, so it should be good practice.  Mike is in very good shape at the moment, so the 20 mile route will be no problem for him.  I however have not run 20 miles since March, so I suspect I'll fare badly!

The Saunders event is the weekend after this one, so I'm not going to be in particularly good shape for this event, but there isn't much I can do about it.  I'll just have to turn up and do what I can.  Neither of us have done this event before.  I have only done a score class event twice before, and this isn't a score class event.  This is where you get given a list of about 8 grid references and have to go and tag each of them in order in as quick as time as possible.  You then do another course the following day and the culmulative times are added together.  Hopefully the weather will be ok, but you just never know with mountain weather.  I've got to get a few bits of kit together for the event, but most of it I have already.  I'll let you know how this weekend training goes.  It may go so badly that I realise I just can't enter the event at all, that's how bad the injury is unfortunately.  When I did the last 20 mile event about 3 months ago, it was all I could do to walk in the end, and on this event I have to do the same the next day.  So, this weekend will be quite a test.

Have a good week.

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