Monday 1 September 2008

Hot and Sandy

My first week back in training, officially.

On Tuesday and Thursday I did my speed sessions. I have a 1.3 mile run down hill to a area which is reasonably flat (there is some ascent, so it possibly skews the times a little). After I complete the session I have the same 1.3 mile run back, up hill this time of course.

The speed session involves 8 x 400M, with 1 minute break in between, then a 5 minute break followed by 4 x 800M with 3 minutes rest in between them.

This weeks target was 1:42 for 400M, and 3:24 for 800M. Here's how I did below. I was using my watch and gauging my pace to try and stay just within the split.

Dist Tues Thursday
400m 01:28 | 01:39
400m 01:41 | 01:41
400m 01:36 | 01:38
400m 01:38 | 01:40
400m 01:38 | 01:36
400m 01:39 | 01:40
400m 01:37 | 01:38
400m 01:41 | 01:43

800m 03:14 | 03:21
800m 03:23 | 03:22
800m 03:17 | 03:17
800m 03:14 | 03:18

I was certainly more tired during Thursdays session, as I had also done an 8 mile steady run in between, on the Wednesday. I'll see how I feel next week. I'll either keep the targets the same, or look to get slightly faster.

On Friday, after work I had a long drive down to Essex, arriving at 9pm so leaving no time to run. I spent the weekend camping at a car show. It was 28C and perfect blue cloudless sky on the Saturday, so being on the coast I took the opportunity to run on the beach. I did an 11 mile run at a nice steady 6mph. I wasn't carrying a pack, just water. I was comfortable and the heat didn't bother my at all. I suspect that will be the last very warm weekend we have here as Summer draws to a close.

In the week ahead, it's more of the same, but with an LDWA event on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it. Have a good week, and good luck to those of you on the forum running the Bullock Smithy.


  1. Which event are you doing this weekend Rich? There seem to be quite a few all on the same weekend which is a shame (Coventry Way, Chatsworth Challenge...)

    If they had been better spread out I would have been able to do another... have you seen the Starkeholmes Stagger? At 30 miles and a lot of ascent it looks a decent challenge. I did this one a good few years ago when it was last run, and it was quite tough, although maybe a different route this time.

  2. I'm doing the 20 mile Hills and Dales on Saturday. It actually shares a few files of the course exactly with the Bullock Smithy you lot are doing, but it crosses around the 40 mile stage for you guys, so I won't be able to wave as we cross paths. I'll be tucked up in bed after my 20 mile 'jog' by the time you guys are hitting the 40 mile mark. I didn't dare risk the Bullock Smithy 56 miler with only 5 or so weeks to the Kalahari race. Good luck though!

    I'm doing Open to Offas (North Wales) the week before the Starkenholme Stagger. It is also 30 miles. It has 7000ft of ascent so it's quite tough too. My last race before the Kalahari.

  3. Cheers Rich- I'm quite nervous about it now! Good luck with the Hills and Dales, I think it's wise not to risk an event like the Bullock Smithy at this stage.
    I think we are going to get slightly wet!!