Wednesday 27 August 2008

Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon Training

I have hastily put together a 6 week training program to get me into shape for the KAEM in early October. I have a good level of base fitness already, so I will build by around 10% each week before tapering the last two weeks.

My training is fundamentally different to the MDS training, in that I am training with no weight at all in the week, and only a few KGs in the last few weeks. Also, I am doing two speed sessions a week. The schedule for those two speed sessions is courtesy of AndyW on the forum. For the MDS training, I was hammering out 12 miles on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and then covering another 35 miles over Saturday and Sunday - with up to 12kg in weight. It will be interesting to see how I cope in South Africa with a new program. It may be hard to contrast as I have read an account where a 5-time MDS finisher has said the KAEM is much tougher than the MDS. So, I'll either crash and burn badly, or muddle through it ok.

I've posted the whole program, and the actual KAEM event schedule below. Not shown are gym sessions. I currently do just one, on a Thursday, but I will likely fit in an extra one. I also have an inversion frame at home that I do inverted pull-ups, crunches and squats on after each run anyway. I also use it for relaxation hanging to stretch out my vertabrae after each run. Since using it for this purpose, my back issues have much improved. Click to enlarge.

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