Tuesday 8 May 2012

I need a money producing time machine

Been two months since I posted, and I haven't got time to do a decent job this evening either.  Between working away from home during the week, then back home to try and balance family life, run in events, and also organise the Dusk 'til Dawn ultra I have no time left to myself these days.  The good news is Dusk til Dawn is full, and all the pieces are in place to make it a memorable event.

Ran with Nick Ham for a while on the Three Shires event last month.  I ducked out and only did the 27 miler, knowing what a misery climbing Shuttlinsloe is, just do to the 29 mile option.  Was good to have a chat for a while and the food after was great as always.

I also ran the Coventry Way Challenge.  I had all manor of digestive and gastro difficulties which meant I crawled around the course in 8:40, when I should have done it at least an hour faster.  Again, the food was spectacular.

Since then I haven't done any events, but over the recent bank holiday weekend I ran 60 odd miles over 3 days; home to Gradbach (26), then Castleton (26), then to Buxton (10 miles), then got a train home. About 10k of ascent though I feel pretty good today.

There's some upcoming events that I usually do; Peakers Stroll, and Harden Hard'un that I am going to try and do again and also get back into the swing of blogging something decent again more often. Since completing Nepal, I made a decision to have a lighter year with no big (expensive) multi stage ultra.  The money saved  (they all cost about £4k all in) going to taking my son on a much deserved holiday later in the year. 

However, next year I am considering RacingThePlanet Iceland, but not yet decided or paid.  I have however just signed up to do La Trans Aq is in France next May.  It was the first multi stage ultra I did, back in 2007 and so there is a nice sense of completion to come back and do it again after competing all of the World ever since.  Unless I can make more hours in the day, and multi stage races become a lot cheaper (La Trans Aq is very reasonably priced), then next years La Trans Aq could well be my last muli-dayer.  The money side is not really an issue, though who wouldn't like an endless supply!.  It's really that  I can just about find time in the week to do a bare minimum training alongside early morning trains, tubes, and the same in the evening.  Couple that with entertaining my son at weekends then finding serious training hours is difficult.  I can put enough training in to run one day events, but can't really do a lot more.

I'll post a better update soon!

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