Friday 2 March 2012

Dusk 'til Dawn Ultramarathon

I've been quiet on the blogging front recently you've noticed I guess.
As far as my running is going it's all going ok. My ankle injury has gone, and I'm returning to fitness well. I was due to race 123km in TransGranCanaria this weekend but I had to cancel that as I just could not get up to distance in time, and also my girlfriend wasn't well. She was due to run in the race too, but had to cancel, as she had to have emergency surgery.

I've been ticking over, running 4 times a week with a 10-15 miler at the weekend, and things are all ok on that front. My next big race is the 40 mile "A Coventry Way" next month. I did it once before I think in 2007, training for the MDS. I suspect I'll do it a couple of hours faster this time!

Anyway, the big news; alongside this I've been quietly organising my own ultramarathon. The event is called Dusk 'til Dawn. 

The concept was born last year, but has now been fully realised into an event to be held on 27th October 2012. I am quite excited about it, and those few (until today) that knew about it, are excited too.  It's a little different from most other races out there with an interesting couple of twists.

Because of recent events, I've decided to run the event not just as a fun an interesting race but to support the Macmillan Cancer charity. Have a read on the FAQ page of the ultra event site, to understand why, and you will probably put 2 and 2 together with this post.

I'm not going to write a whole load about the race on here, as it would just be duplication. Have a read of the website, where I've hopefully injected some fun and entertainment into the race. I've already spent quite some time organising things in the background (it's a 2 point UTMB qualification event), lining up accommodation, the event centre and medical support, checkpoint volunteers etc. The route is essentially finished, but I'm getting the nod of approval on few small sections from local land owners before I release the full route map / GPS files online.

The race is going to be a lot of fun, and pretty special I'm sure. The event website is here.

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