Saturday 13 March 2010


Almost ;)
I had a rough day on the long stage.  Basically I has used up all my food and had none left.  I had burned thorugh everything before I got to CP1 in the most horrible 15km of salt flat hideousness that I have even been through.  I struggled at CP1 for 20 mins, even longer at CP2 - 45 mins maybe. I refused a medical can of Pepsi, and the urge to throw in the towel and pushed on.  3K before Cp3 there was a big dune ascent.  Just there my body got used to the idea that it wasn`t getting any  more food and began to just eat more of it` own fat stores.  I came down the dune into CP3, only 10 mins there, then ran out of CP3 until I got to a river canyon, run walked most of it, then ran the last couple of K into CP4.  All the CP`s had been about 14k apart so far.  I ran out of CP4, after just 2 mins there, feeling good, running about 60% of the distance to CP5.  I was at CP5 for a few mins too, then ran 80% of the last leg into camp, finishing very fast.  I lost a lot of time at CPs which cost me time, but I made it, and that`s what matters.  13.5hrs and 40th place. It`s all over bar the last 10k into town to pizza and coke, and a well earned medal.  Make no mistake this is the toughest desert by far. 

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  1. Results say's you came in 30th. Congratulations on a remarkable achievement