Monday 15 June 2009


So, it's now 8 weeks since my knee operation. My appointment with the surgeon is next week, but I got sick of waiting so I started running last week.

I started off very tentatively with a 3 mile run, which was more painful that expected; pain, both back and front of my knee. I was also pretty shocked at just how tough I found it. All my cardio fitness has gone. It was like I was starting to run again from nothing. I had a tight chest and just general feeling of feeling of finding it hard.

A couple of days later I ran a 6 mile orienteering course in nearby Apedale Country Park. I've never done this before in my life, but I need to sharpen my navigation skills if I get into the Original Mountain Marathon this year. It was very much stop, start, so no extended running effort required. Maybe a half mile at the most between some checkpoints then a minute or so deciding which way I needed to run next, setting the compass and off again. So, it was more like an interval session, which wasn't a bad thing. I managed it ok, and my knee didn't hurt as much. Although a quad stretch causes a lot of pain from the scar tissue still.

I went to Yoga on Tuesday and did fairly well there, and also did my usually strength and stability work on Thursday. I am still putting more effort into the affected leg, trying to build it back up and equalise the muscle mass between the two legs.

On Saturday I decided I'd go for a 10k trail run. I picked a familiar and challenging route, and happily managed to maintain a 10 minute mile pace, despite my lack of fitness and the narrow twisting trail, that also features plenty of ascent. Even fully fit, I probably don't run that route much faster than 8.5 minute mile average anyway. So after that success, this week I am going to do a little speed-work. Nothing gets you fitter faster in my opinion. I'll run tonight, and on Wednesday, probably no more than 3 miles each time, and I'll do perhaps 8 miles on Saturday.

I'd like to take part in the Harden Hard'un again this year. It is a challenging 27 mile course over the Yorkshire moors. Though I realise I won't get anywhere near my time from last year, and may well end up walking a lot more than I wish, I want to do it anyway. Oh, did I mention it is no July 11th, less than 4 weeks away?

So, zero fitness to hill marathon (And yes it is a very hilly course!) in 4 weeks. I can do it right?

I've been busy updating my Beyond Marathon ultramarathon website, to make it look a little more professional. I've added some new features too. Go and check it out, and join the forum. I will be posting forum-member related news (any races you are entering, just done etc). It's nice to be mentioned somewhere sometimes!

Have a good week.

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  1. Hi Rich
    Glad you've managed to get out and about a bit! Good Luck with your next dr appointment!