Monday 6 February 2012

Rest and recovery

I've not made an update in the last month.  There wasn't much to tell.  After running on Christmas Eve in an event and still feeling the effects of the Achilllies problem, as well as just general fatigue, I took it easy for a few weeks.  I said that if I couldn't run 50 miles by the end of January then doing Transgrancanaria was out.  I wasn't up to it, so I've ruled that out.  This weekend just gone I ran 9 miles from Gradback in the Peak District up towards Shining Tor and the Cat and Fiddle pub, and back.  There was already a lot of snow up there, and it was bitterly cold with the wind.  This weekend's big dump of snow started whilst I was half way around, so I had a mad a stressful dash back to my car to get it out of the Peak District before the snow settled too much.  I just about made it though it took me twice as long to get home as it normally does.

On Sunday I ran 14 miles in the snow locally.  The first 10 miles were ok, but I really felt tired for the last few miles, and suffered for the rest of the day afterwards really.  So, I'm a long way from being up to racing fitness again.  I'm signed up to do this weekend's Anglezarke Amble, but how I feel at the moment, the thought of 24 moorland miles isn't really inspiring me.  If I do it, then it's going to be a slow and difficult slog I think.  I have a chiropractor appointment later today.  Everything from my neck down my ankle on my left side is playing up, so I'm hoping to be popped like bubble wrap later on, and maybe that'll help a little.  I'll do a couple of short steady runs this week, and see how I feel at the weekend.

Have a good week!

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