Sunday 25 October 2009

Atacama Planning

Hi. I've not had a busy week on the training front due to being very busy with my new job. I managed just two 10k training runs this week, a record for the wrong reasons for me! I didn't even manage to get into the gym I've been so busy. Anyway, now I've finished what is effectively my on-boarding period I will be able to settle back into my usual training patttern as my Atacama Crossing training plan kicks in. In the last week I've been building a training plan. I've not quite finished it to show off yet, becuase I am just finalising which ultras I can do between now and February. I'll try and post it later this week.

I'll be starting with an event just short of ultra distance in a few weeks time, the Six Dales Circuit. This is a challenging 25 mile run over the Peak District which I took part in last year, as mentioned in my previous blog entry.

The 4deserts Sahara race is currently taking place in Egypt; you can view the details on the 4deserts website. This isn't a race I'm likely to do, because I already completed the Sahara desert in the Marathon des Sables, but 4deserts version has it's own unique difficulties as is well worth a look, not least of which is because the wait list for the MDS is about 3 years now, and it costs an arm and a leg to take part in!

Short and sweet today! Have a good week.

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