Tuesday 21 July 2009

A little recovery

I took a recovery week just last week. Becuase of the event last weekend, I had ran a total of 47 miles in the 7 days previous, so I felt I deserved a rest. It's only 3 months since my knee operation, and even attempting the 27 mile Harden Hard'un was probably not advisable (though I did fine - see last weeks post).

I ran 10k on trails on Wednesday, at a steady pace. Then on Thursday I did do a speed session, but didn't have my GPs to measure the speed. I think it was similar to last week, so around 7:20 minute miles over 3 miles. After that I did an hour and a half in the gym; my usual strength and stability. I am continuing to try and build up the left-leg muscles by doing sets of exercices with that one leg (in addition to a set with both legs). My left knee does still hurt (behind) when I run. I have no idea how long this will continue. The scars on the front still hurt when I do a quad stretch, as the scar tissue has still not broken down.

On Saturday I did another 10k trail route. So, I feel quite well rested and looking forward to my training this week. I plan to do a couple more events in August (Well, at least one anyway), and then to do the LDWA Hills and Dales event in early September. After that I am doing the Rab Mountain Marathon at the end of September. I'm looking forward to this event, using it to practice for the OMM at the end of October. That said, there is no guarantee I'll get through the ballot for that event. I should know if I have made it through at the beginning of August.

Have a good week.


  1. Hi Rich
    Well done on the Hard'un, that was a great time, sounds as though you are well on the mend but I guess it will take some time before all the symptoms disappear. The strength training will help I'm sure.
    Are you doing the Dovedale Dipper this year, I have signed up for it although my time won't be brilliant!

  2. Hi Steph, thanks. I'm doing the Long Tour of Bradwell, a week after the Dipper, instead. I think it might be to much for me to try and do both. I do really enjoy the Dipper course, but I probably wouldn't be able to do it within the same time I managed last year, so I'd only get dissapointed. Bonus of doing the Long Tour is that whatever I do it is a personal best!

  3. I can identify with that, I was in two minds over the Dipper for the same reason- I can't hope to get close to the time I finished two years ago- it's amazing how this business messes with your head!
    I haven't heard of the Long Tour of Bradwell, be interesting to read your write up.